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Bugs fixed in 0.2.90:
* Fixed petsc support, require petsc2.2 now (CP)
Fixed testsuite/test_linearsolver (CP)
New in 0.2.90:
* a new unit testing framework : we use AutoTest(from autoconf)
* Vector norms are provided by lifealg/vectorNorms.{h,c}pp (CP)
* Added reaction term in masstransport (MP)
* Embedded library and testsuite code into the LifeV namespace (CP)
* New unit testing framework : we use AutoTest(from autoconf) (CP)
ported all tests to this framework
ported all tests to GetPot
Bugs fixed in 0.2.0-pre1:
* Bug #23: "fixed wrong assembly in elemOper.cpp in stiff_sd" (MP)
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