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removed ChangeLog as it is automatically generated

update NEWS
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2004-08-17 16:50 prudhomm
* testsuite/: test_fsi_newton/,
fixed testsuite: was missing the mesh for the vessel
2004-08-17 16:47 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_bdf/:, data, main.cpp,
ported to GetPot ported to new testing framework. It runs the test
ok now
2004-08-17 16:11 prudhomm
* ChangeLog:
update ChangeLog
2004-08-17 16:06 prudhomm
* NEWS,,, admin/ac_check_aztec.m4,
testsuite/, testsuite/test_fsi_newton/,
* all tests ported to new testsuite(only three fail and one is
disabled) * use standard naming conventions for tests executables
(following directory name) it is easier to make script blah blah
blah ...
2004-08-17 15:31 prudhomm
* testsuite/: .cvsignore, README, test_ns_bdf/,
test_ns_cyl/, test_ns_sstress/
* added README for the LifeV testing framework * use standard
naming conventions for the tests
2004-08-17 14:39 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_darcy/
* use standard naming for tests: DarcySolver --> test_darcy
2004-08-17 14:36 prudhomm
* testsuite/: test_essentialbc/data, test_matrix/data,
test_mesh/data, test_mixte/data, test_naturalbc/data, test_p2/data,
ported the tests to GetPot. created their data file
2004-08-17 14:35 prudhomm
* testsuite/: Makefile.testsuite,,,
test_darcy/, test_essentialbc/,
test_essentialbc/main.cpp, test_essentialbc/,
test_fe/, test_fsi_newton/,
test_fsi_picard/, test_linearelasticity/,
test_masstransport/, test_matrix/,
test_matrix/main.cpp, test_matrix/,
test_mesh/, test_mesh/test_mesh.cpp,
test_mesh/, test_mixte/,
test_mixte/main.cpp, test_mixte/,
test_naturalbc/, test_naturalbc/main.cpp,
test_naturalbc/, test_ns_bdf/,
test_ns_cyl/, test_ns_ipstab/,
test_ns_sstress/, test_onedmodel/data,
test_onedmodel/main.cpp, test_onedmodel/,
test_p2/, test_p2/main.cpp, test_p2/,
test_postproc/, test_q1/, test_q1/main.cpp,
the first 8 tests are working in the new framework. the rest is
coming real soon
2004-08-17 14:33 prudhomm
* life/lifesolver/convDiffReactSolverPC.hpp:
fix compilation * warning with g++-3.3 * error with g++-3.4 (<-
this guy is far less permissive)
* initialized some Uint to their max value (Uint(-1)) to ease
debugging when you see these values you know that something is
wrong :)
2004-08-17 12:43 prudhomm
* testsuite/:, Makefile.testsuite,,
expectations.qmr,, test_bdf_comp.qmt, test_bdf_exec.qmt,
test_bdf_resu.qmt, test_essentialbc_comp.qmt,
test_essentialbc_exec.qmt, test_essentialbc_resu.qmt,
test_fe_comp.qmt, test_fe_exec.qmt, test_fe_resu.qmt,
test_linearelasticity_comp.qmt, test_linearelasticity_exec.qmt,
test_linearelasticity_resu.qmt, test_matrix_comp.qmt,
test_matrix_exec.qmt, test_matrix_resu.qmt, test_mesh_comp.qmt,
test_mesh_exec.qmt, test_mesh_resu.qmt, test_mixte_comp.qmt,
test_mixte_exec.qmt, test_mixte_resu.qmt, test_naturalbc_comp.qmt,
test_naturalbc_exec.qmt, test_naturalbc_resu.qmt, test_p2_comp.qmt,
test_p2_exec.qmt, test_p2_resu.qmt, test_postproc_comp.qmt,
test_postproc_exec.qmt, test_postproc_resu.qmt, test_q1_comp.qmt,
test_q1_exec.qmt, test_q1_resu.qmt,,
test_bdf/, test_darcy/,
test_darcy/, test_essentialbc/,
test_essentialbc/, test_fe/,
test_fe/, test_fsi_newton/,
test_fsi_picard/, test_linearelasticity/,
test_masstransport/, test_masstransport/,
test_matrix/, test_matrix/,
test_mesh/, test_mesh/,
test_mixte/, test_naturalbc/,
test_naturalbc/, test_ns_bdf/,
test_ns_bdf/, test_ns_cyl/,
test_ns_cyl/, test_ns_ipstab/,
test_ns_ipstab/, test_ns_sstress/,
test_ns_sstress/, test_onedmodel/,
test_onedmodel/, test_p2/,
test_p2/, test_postproc/,
now uses AutoTest from autoconf: a portable testing framework that
fits most of our needs
2004-08-17 10:30 prudhomm
* admin/ac_check_aztec.m4:
don't change LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS if the header and lib dirs have
not been found by AC_FIND_FILE
2004-08-17 10:15 prudhomm
* check pdflatex presence * check grace_np library and header
presence * added preliminary AutoTest support(more coming real
soon) * bump up version to 0.2.90
2004-08-17 10:14 prudhomm
* doc/manual/
disable manual compilation if pdflatex is not available
2004-08-17 10:11 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/.cvsignore:
files to ignore
2004-08-17 10:10 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/
This file should not be in CVS it is automatically generated by
2004-08-17 10:09 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/:,,
gracePlot.cpp, gracePlot.hpp:
* Grace: check in configure that grace_np.h and libgrace_np.a are
actually available.
- $(grace_libs) contains the grace library if available
- HAVE_GRACE_NP_H is defined in lifeconfig.h if grace header is
* reworked a bit
2004-08-05 14:32 lformaggia
* life/lifefem/: bcCond.cpp, bcCond.hpp, bcVector.cpp,
New organization to handle interfaces without explicitely
interfacing (no need of DofInterface)
2004-07-30 20:52 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/:,,
basicOneDMesh.cpp, basicOneDMesh.hpp, data, dataOneDModel.hpp,
main.cpp, oneDModelHandler.cpp, oneDModelHandler.hpp,
oneDModelSolver.cpp, oneDModelSolver.hpp:
scalar and linear 1d is quite finished. not yet the compatibility
2004-07-30 20:49 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/: gracePlot.cpp, gracePlot.hpp:
graceplot handler for dynamic 1D visualisation. the graceplot
library is not furnished with lifev.
2004-07-30 13:55 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/: data, dataOneDModel.cpp,
dataOneDModel.hpp, main.cpp, oneDModelHandler.cpp,
oneDModelHandler.hpp, oneDModelSolver.cpp, oneDModelSolver.hpp:
second step towards 1d: scalar and linear taylor-galerkin. no
compatibility conditions.
2004-07-30 11:39 vmartin
* life/lifearray/tridiagMatrix.hpp:
tridiagonal Axpy product. (with no use of blas2)
2004-07-29 11:08 prosi
* life/lifesolver/convDiffReactSolverPC.hpp,
including methods for interpolating velocity on the concentration
grid non-conforming concentration and velocity grid
2004-07-29 07:31 prosi
* life/lifesolver/convDiffReactSolverPC.hpp:
added privat velocity array (on concentration nodes) to
convDiffReactSolver class (1. step)
2004-07-29 07:29 prosi
* testsuite/test_masstransport/main.cpp:
added privat velocity array (on the concentration nodes) to
convDiffReactSolver class (1.step)
2004-07-28 08:58 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/data:
write the output files in directory "./"
2004-07-27 22:23 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/:,, dofOneD.hpp:
a simple dof class for 1D meshes. Mimic the behaviour of the "real"
Dof of dof.hpp. Not based on the lifev mesh handler format (that
does not exist so far for 1D). Use it rather with basicOneDMesh...
2004-07-27 22:16 vmartin
* life/lifearray/tridiagMatrix.hpp:
set_mat and set_mat_inc added to assemble the tridiag matrices.
2004-07-27 13:57 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/:,, main.cpp,
last useful files
2004-07-27 13:55 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/: oneDModelHandler.cpp,
oneDModelHandler.hpp, oneDModelSolver.cpp, oneDModelSolver.hpp:
classes for handling and solving a 1D model.
2004-07-27 13:54 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/: data, dataOneDModel.cpp,
data file and data Handling class for 1D model
2004-07-27 13:53 vmartin
* testsuite/test_onedmodel/: basicOneDMesh.cpp, basicOneDMesh.hpp:
class handling a general 1D mesh. Possibility to construct a
regular one (dx=cst).
2004-07-27 13:44 vmartin
* life/lifearray/:, tridiagMatrix.hpp:
added tridiagMatrix.hpp in and modif a comment.
2004-07-27 13:39 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/:, darcyHandler.cpp,
darcySolver.cpp, darcySolver.hpp, darcySolver_post.cpp:
Minor modif. Some more comments. Added the test in Makefile.
2004-07-27 13:31 vmartin
* testsuite/
test_onedmodel added
2004-07-27 13:28 vmartin
* life/lifefem/: currentFE.cpp, currentFE.hpp:
Transformed the #if defined(THREEDIM) into switch over the
dimension. Purpose: multiscale problems (1D in lifev). Did also a
little code factorization and cleaning.
2004-07-27 13:24 vmartin
* life/lifearray/tridiagMatrix.hpp:
A special class for tridiagonal matrices. Under construction for 1d
2004-07-27 08:54 prudhomm
* admin/, admin/, testsuite/
doxygen doc for testsuite
2004-07-27 08:54 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_mesh/:, main.cpp, test_mesh.cpp:
added some trivial doxygen info. will commit more soon; testcase
for testsuite doxygen doc
2004-07-23 19:08 prudhomm
* doc/manual/ltxcompile:
should solve the problem for vincent get rid of the faultu option
--file-line-error-style which does seem too new
2004-07-23 15:10 prudhomm
* testsuite/Makefile.testsuite:
$(EXTRA_DIST) --> $$extra_dist
2004-07-23 11:58 prudhomm
* doc/manual/
fixed when $(srcdir) != $(buildir)
Vincent this should fix your problem
thanks for reporting it !!!!!!!!!
2004-07-23 11:56 prudhomm
* testsuite/Makefile.testsuite:
a possible fix for Vincent
Vincent: could you please do a make in testsuite and then a make
check ?
2004-07-23 09:18 prudhomm
* doc/manual/: lifev-dev.tex, ltxcompile:
- reduced size of the logfile. show only errorlog if they are
2004-07-23 08:40 prudhomm
* doc/manual/
- reduced size of the logfile. show only errorlog if they are
2004-07-23 08:07 prudhomm
* doc/manual/
- use a script now to compile the manual - redirect the output of
the commands to ltxcompile.log
2004-07-23 07:39 prudhomm
* .cvsignore, Doxyfile,, admin/,
admin/, doc/api/.cvsignore, life/lifealg/.cvsignore,
life/lifearray/.cvsignore, life/lifecore/.cvsignore,
life/lifefem/.cvsignore, life/lifefilters/.cvsignore,
life/lifemesh/.cvsignore, life/lifesolver/.cvsignore:
- ignore non CVS file - Doxyfile is automatically generated make
apidox, so remove it from CVS - all warnings and errors from
doxygen and code documentation are redirected to Doxylog (one
Doxylog perdirectory to ease the reading of the problems)
2004-07-22 12:29 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/main.cpp:
I changed the name of DarcySolver::computeHybridMatrix() into
DarcySolver::computeHybridMatrixAndSourceRHS() for the sake of
clarity. (see darcySolver.hpp). More outputs.
2004-07-22 12:26 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/: darcySolver.cpp, darcySolver.hpp,
Bug fixed for the computation of the velocity (before this
computation did not take into account the source term). added the
useful "void DarcySolver::_element_computation(int ielem)" that
allows to define and take into account easily the permeabilities.
The diffusion coefficient (i.e. permeability) can be a tensor or a
function. It should be easy to take a vector (1/vol) for the
"_post": output the RTO velocity and the (hybrid) Trace of
Pressure. Example of a possibility to compute some errors if the
analytical solution is given.
2004-07-22 12:20 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/: darcyHandler.cpp, darcyHandler.hpp:
Two new test cases: --Robin/Mixte boundary condition --analytical
solution More bc_functions declared for this.
2004-07-22 12:17 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/: user_diffusion.cpp, user_diffusion.hpp,
user_fct.cpp, user_fct.hpp:
several new user defined functions added as example. for instance:
analytical function, robin coefficient... And: added user defined
permeability functions.
2004-07-22 12:15 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/: dataDarcy.cpp, dataDarcy.hpp:
New entries in the data files: possible use of functions for
2004-07-22 12:14 vmartin
* testsuite/test_darcy/: data, data2:
Two data files (data2 with analytic function for convergence tests)
with new entries (see dataDarcy.hpp).
2004-07-22 11:24 vmartin
* testsuite/data/mesh/inria/hexahexa10x10x10.mesh:
mesh size: [0,1] [0,2] [0,3] (10x10x10)
2004-07-22 09:58 vmartin
* testsuite/data/mesh/inria/
added a simple hexa mesh
2004-07-22 09:46 vmartin
* life/lifefem/: currentFE.cpp, currentFE.hpp:
added the method barycenter() of the cell
2004-07-22 09:38 vmartin
* testsuite/data/mesh/inria/hexahexa10x10x10.mesh:
new simple mesh : hexahedron made of 10x10x10 hexahedra
2004-07-21 13:55 prudhomm
* testsuite/test_masstransport/
thanks to Martin, readd test_mass in the check at runtime list
2004-07-21 09:15 prosi
* testsuite/test_masstransport/ensight7-write.hpp:
deleted german debug message - Hey but why: german (or something
similar) is spoken buy one third of the european population (so
quit common)
2004-07-21 09:12 prosi
* life/lifesolver/convDiffReactSolverPC.hpp:
use method diameter() of class CurrentFE instead of h(), and some
additional changes to make test succsessful
2004-07-21 09:09 prosi
* life/lifesolver/convDiffReactHandler.hpp:
deleted method calc_elemsize - CurrentFE includes a similar method:
2004-07-21 07:52 prudhomm
* admin/ac_check_mpi.m4:
backported fix for ac_check_mpi to have no default mpi libs if none
was found
2004-07-21 07:16 prudhomm
* admin/ac_check_mpi.m4:
if you don't find the -lmpi library we don't try to find somnething
else like (-lmpich) quick hack to allow people without mpi to link
2004-07-20 16:41 prudhomm
* life/lifealg/testsuite/.cvsignore,
ignore non CVS files
2004-07-20 16:39 prudhomm
* testsuite/: test_masstransport/,
test_ns_ipstab/, test_ns_sstress/
update: test_ns_sstress fails, test_masstransport fails so remove
them from the run time check list
2004-07-20 16:19 prudhomm
preparing 0.2.0-pre1
2004-07-20 15:43 prudhomm
*, NEWS, admin/, doc/api/.cvsignore,
ported api doc generation fixes from 0.1.0 beanch to HEAD
2004-07-20 15:02 prudhomm
2004-07-20 14:50 prudhomm
*, NEWS, admin/, doc/api/,
doc/common/, doc/common/mainheader.html,
clean up after work is done.
2004-07-20 13:21 prudhomm
* Doxyfile, Mainpage.dox,,,
admin/, testsuite/test_bdf/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_fe/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_fsi_newton/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_mixte/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_ns_bdf/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_ns_sstress/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_p2/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_postproc/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_q1/.cvsignore:
- ported changes to api documentation from 0.1.0-rc2 to HEAD and
modify accordingly - ignore non CVS files
2004-07-20 13:15 prudhomm
* Mainpage.dox:
minor change for consistency with HEAD
2004-07-20 13:10 prudhomm
* Mainpage.dox,,
more work on api documentation
2004-07-20 11:53 prudhomm
* life/: lifecore/.cvsignore, lifealg/.cvsignore,
lifearray/.cvsignore, lifearray/testsuite/.cvsignore,
lifefem/.cvsignore, lifefilters/.cvsignore, lifemesh/.cvsignore,
ignore non CVS files
2004-07-20 11:09 prudhomm
* life/lifecore/: .cvsignore, bareItems.hpp, testsuite/.cvsignore:
ported fix to apidox-all , now compiles all the way through ignore
non CVS files
2004-07-20 11:06 prudhomm
* Mainpage.dox,, admin/, doc/api/.cvsignore,
life/lifecore/.cvsignore, life/lifefem/.cvsignore,
life/lifemesh/.cvsignore, life/lifemesh/bareItems.hpp,
getting even closer to 0.1rc2 - now apidox-all works ok all way
through - fix doxygen comment in bareitems and mesh_util -
removed spaces at end of lines
2004-07-20 10:36 prudhomm
* .cvsignore,, NEWS,,
admin/ac_check_aztec.m4, life/lifecore/.cvsignore,
life/lifecore/testsuite/test_size, life/lifefem/.cvsignore,
life/lifemesh/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_bdf/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_fe/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_fsi_newton/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_matrix/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_mesh/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_ns_bdf/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_ns_cyl/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_ns_sstress/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_p2/.cvsignore,
testsuite/test_postproc/.cvsignore, testsuite/test_q1/.cvsignore:
getting closer to 0.1rc2 - updated ac_check_aztec.m4 from HEAD -
use AC_CHECK_AZTEC and AC_CHECK_LAPACK in configure now
janitory work on 0.1 branch - ignoring non CVS files - removing
automatically generated files from CVS
2004-07-20 09:54 prudhomm
* admin/: ac_check_aztec.m4, ac_check_lapack.m4, ac_check_mpi.m4:
backported ac_check aztec, ac_check_lapack and ac_check_mpi in 0.1
2004-07-20 09:51 prudhomm
* admin/: ac_check_aztec.m4, ac_check_lapack.m4:
better check for aztec and check also for trilinos/aztecoo
moved checks to lapack, blas, g2c to ac_check_lapack.m4 (see