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......@@ -47,6 +47,9 @@ New in 0.7.0:
** base class for applications
** provides generic options
* Added BoostMatrix, a wrapper class for boost matrices with LifeV interface (CW)
* Added the preconditioner concept(base class) (CP)
* Added an implementation of the Givens rotation (CP)
......@@ -55,12 +58,14 @@ New in 0.7.0:
* Added operators for two-fluid flows (DADP)
* Added 2 new quadrature rules on triangles and completed old ones (CW)
* Added levelset solver (DADP)
* Added hyperbolic solver (DADP)
* Moved Navier Stokes solver with IP stabilization to libraries (CW)
* Added inexact flux computation strategy (CV TP)
* Added algebraic factorization solvers (DADP CW)
* Added levelset tests (DADP)
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