Commit 871f8581 authored by Antonio Cervone's avatar Antonio Cervone
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fix bug in OseenSolver.

OseenSolver::M_localMap is a MapEpetra and not a pointer
parent 0873f016
......@@ -1633,7 +1633,7 @@ OseenSolver<MeshType, SolverType>::updateStabilization ( matrix_Type& matrixFull
template <typename Mesh, typename SolverType>
void OseenSolver<Mesh, SolverType>::updateSourceTerm ( source_Type const& source )
vector_Type rhs ( *M_localMap );
vector_Type rhs ( M_localMap );
VectorElemental M_elvec (M_velocityFESpace->fe().nbFEDof(), nDimensions);
UInt nc = nDimensions;
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