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Separating compilation from apidox generation and installation.

From now on, if you want to generate api documentation you have to run
make apidox
and if you want to install it
make install-apidox
parent 88f3fc11
......@@ -57,17 +57,16 @@ apidox-all:
make apidox
make apidox-all
@echo ""
@echo "************************************************************"
@echo "* LifeV compilation has ended."
@echo "*"
@echo "* LifeV API documentation has been generated in doc/api/"
@echo "* Open your browser at doc/api/html/index.html."
@echo "*"
@echo "* To generate LifeV API documentation type make apidox"
@echo "* To install LifeV API documentation type make install-apidox"
@echo "* Enjoy!"
@echo "* The LifeV Developing Team"
@echo "************************************************************"
@echo ""
-cd doc/ && rsync -avz api/ `whoami`$(LIFEV_MAJOR_VERSION).$(LIFEV_MINOR_VERSION).$(LIFEV_MICRO_VERSION)
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