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updating/cleaning BUGS and NEWS

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......@@ -3,14 +3,5 @@
* Platform specific
** linux-amd64/g++-3.3
o There seems to be a problem with test_masstransport on amd64 systems
with g++-3.3 it crashes in the convDiffReactSolverPC::getcoord() for
no apparent reasons with the compilation flags -g -O2.
With any other set of flags: "-g" "-g3 -O0" "-O2" it runs fine.
It could be that it is a compiler bug or some very tricky bug triggered
only with this specific set of flags(i.e -g -O2)
-- Christophe Prud'homme <>, Tue Aug 31 09:52:17 2004
-- Simone Deparis <>, 3.2.2010
# -*- readme-debian -*-
[New Features]
LifeV 1.0.0:
New Features
This distribution 1.0.x is the first public distribution
of the lifev-parallel.
The serial version will to continue on a separate cvs module pobably
with the name lifev-serial.
Unsupported Files
Removed Files
Bug Fixes
-- Simone Deparis <>, 3.2.2010
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