Commit 73e05a92 authored by prudhomm's avatar prudhomm
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attempt to fix nightly build

petsc is not really used anyway in the version of lifev
this is a test to see if petsc and related libs could be the culprits
it shall be reverted once the link/failure between lifev and  ( petsc and related libs ) is understood
parent 24cfdc09
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_UMFPACK, test "x$umfpack_libs" != "x" )
dnl aztec
dnl petsc
dnl AC_CHECK_PETSC(2.1.6) #
AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_PETSC, test "x$petsc_libs" != "x" )
dnl parmetis
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