Commit 726d3f47 authored by thomaskummer's avatar thomaskummer
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intrepid lifev update

parent 6854e46f
......@@ -24,29 +24,28 @@ class HeartSolver {
HeartSolver(EMSolver& emSolver, CirculationSolver& circulationSolver):
M_feSolver (feSolver),
M_emSolver (emSolver),
M_circulationSolver (circulationSolver)
virtual ~HeartSolver() {};
// get data void setup(FESolver& feSolver)
void extrapolatePressure(const double& dt)
template<class FESolver, class CirculationSolver>
void computeJacobian(FESolver& feSolver, CirculationSolver& circulationSolver)
void solveCirculation()
EMSolver M_emSolver;
CirculationSolver M_circulationSolver;
VectorSmall<2> M_pressure;
VectorSmall<2> M_volume;
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