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Commit 71f8a6e1 authored by simone's avatar simone
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preparing minor release 1.1.0

Then removing files listed in NEWS
parent 71229cfd
# -*- readme-debian -*-
LifeV 1.0.0:
LifeV 1.1.0:
New Features
This distribution 1.0.x is the first public distribution
Distribution 1.2.x will the first public distribution
of the lifev-parallel.
The serial version is continuing on a separate cvs module pobably
with the name lifev-serial.
The serial version is continuing on a separate cvs module, lifev-serial.
Obsolete (Branch Obsolete)
# -*- autoconf -*-
AC_INIT([lifev], [1.0.0], [])
AC_INIT([lifev], [1.1.0], [])
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