Commit 4ba26fc7 authored by mirabella's avatar mirabella
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fixing a bug due to a change in

void source( const UsrFct& fct, ElemVec& elvec, const CurrentFE& fe, Real t, int iblock = 0 ) implementation.

Please, highlight in the commit comment every possible lack of backward compatibility (especially if the commit does not break the compilation, since in this case it is likely to pass unnoticed :-) ). Thanks!
parent e9836186
......@@ -202,10 +202,10 @@ public:
return f;
Real stim( const Real& x,
Real stim( const Real& t,
const Real& x,
const Real& y,
const Real& z,
const Real& t,
const ID& id) const
Real returnvalue1;
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