Commit 2ce0cbb1 authored by passerini's avatar passerini
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warning suppression: reorder elements in initialization list

parent ae8dd61c
......@@ -287,13 +287,13 @@ template<typename Mesh>
partitionMesh<Mesh>::partitionMesh(Mesh &_mesh, Epetra_Comm &_comm,
Epetra_Map* interfaceMap,
Epetra_Map* interfaceMapRep):
M_serialMode (false),
M_nPartitions (1),
M_originalMesh (&_mesh),
M_locProc (new graph_type),
M_comm (&_comm),
M_originalMesh (&_mesh),
M_interfaceMap (interfaceMap),
M_interfaceMapRep (interfaceMapRep)
M_interfaceMapRep (interfaceMapRep),
M_locProc (new graph_type),
M_serialMode (false)
mesh_ptrtype newMesh (new Mesh);
M_mesh.reset(new partmesh_type(M_nPartitions, newMesh));
......@@ -795,8 +795,8 @@ void partitionMesh<Mesh>::redistributeElements()
MPI_Status status;
int size;
MPI_Status recv_status;
MPI_Request send_request;
// MPI_Status recv_status;
// MPI_Request send_request;
for (int iproc = 0; iproc < nProc; ++iproc)
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