Commit 2ccc2788 authored by Cristiano Malossi's avatar Cristiano Malossi Committed by Antonio Cervone
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Small bugfix for parallel runs.

Vectors initialized to zero.
parent 6b873ca5
......@@ -810,6 +810,15 @@ Vector PostProcessingBoundary<MeshType>::normal( const markerID_Type& flag, UInt
// At the end I'll reduce the process normals --> normal
Vector normalScatter(3), normal(3);
// Initialize vectors to zero
normal[0] = 0;
normal[1] = 0;
normal[2] = 0;
normalScatter[0] = 0;
normalScatter[1] = 0;
normalScatter[2] = 0;
// I need the global DOF ID to query the vector
// dofVectorIndex is the index of the dof in the data structure of PostProcessingBoundary class
// dofGlobalId is the corresponding ID in the GLOBAL mesh (prior to partitioning)
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