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removed useless autotools dependencies

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......@@ -94,14 +94,12 @@ of the \ix{autotools} from the GNU project\footnote{\url{}}
available in most Linux OS:
\item \verb!libtool 1.5!\ixns{libtool}{autotools} or newer (currently $2.4.2$)%$2.2.6$)
\item \verb!automake 1.7!\ixns{automake}{autotools} or newer (currently $1.12.2$)%$1.9.6$)
\item \verb!autoconf 2.52!\ixns{autoconf}{autotools} or newer (currently $2.69$)%$2.65$)
\item \verb!g++-4.0!\ixns{g++}{compilers} or newer (currently $4.5.4$)%$4.4.4$)
\item \verb!mpi!\ixns{mpi}{compilers}, with preference to \verb!openmpi!\ixns{openmpi}{compilers}
\item \verb!CMake 2.8! or newer.
In Mac OS X you get the autotools in Xcode and cmake can be
In Mac OS X you get gcc in Xcode and cmake can be
installed using MacPorts \verb!sudo port install cmake!. You can check the version of a command typing the command followed by \verb!--help!,
for example type \verb!cmake --help!.
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