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    Cosmetic changes in the meshEntity file: · 4bfe8bbe
    quinodoz authored
    I had to look at how the class MeshEntity works, so I added the documentation and made some changes in order to be compliant with the guide lines.
    - Full documentation of the MeshEntity and MeshEntityWithBoundary
    - Added explicit destructors
    - Added showMe methods
    - Added some const/inline keywords were possible
    - Changed the member of MeshEntityWithBoundary from protected to private and changed its name for the guide lines compliant name
    - Added a set method for MeshEntityWithBoundary
    - Removed a kind of set method (consisting in returning a pointer to the private member to change it) for MeshEntityWithBoundary
    - Commented out a useless class (not use at all)
    Changes in other classes/files for the consistency are provided in the next commit.