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Commit c7c8da34 authored by Bastian Telgen's avatar Bastian Telgen
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update output

parent 06bf1c3e
......@@ -127,16 +127,16 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
geometry.number_of_positions(), Element::degrees_of_freedom(), 0);
using DataSource = std::function<void(Mesh::size_type, Mesh::value_type *)>;
auto coordinates = ae108::cpppetsc::createVectorFromSource(
auto coordinates = cpppetsc::createVectorFromSource(
mesh, coordinate_dimension,
DataSource([&](const Mesh::size_type index, Mesh::value_type *const out) {
const auto &position = geometry.position_of_vertex(index);
std::copy(position.begin(), position.end(), out);
ae108::cpppetsc::setName("coordinates", &coordinates);
cpppetsc::setName("coordinates", &coordinates);
auto viewer = Viewer::fromHdf5FilePath(
(output_folder + + ".ae108").c_str(), Viewer::Mode::write);
ae108::cpppetsc::writeToViewer(mesh, coordinates, &viewer);
cpppetsc::writeToViewer(mesh, coordinates, &viewer);
auto assembler = Assembler();
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