Commit bdb7844e authored by Ard Kastrati's avatar Ard Kastrati
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Added the parameters in the ensemble interface

parent 651f477e
......@@ -33,7 +33,8 @@ def run(trainX, trainY):
if config['model'] == 'deepeye':
classifier = Classifier_DEEPEYE(input_shape=config['deepeye']['input_shape'])
elif config['model'] == 'cnn':
classifier = Classifier_CNN(input_shape=config['cnn']['input_shape'])
classifier = Classifier_CNN(input_shape=config['cnn']['input_shape'], kernel_size=64, epochs = 50,
nb_filters=16, verbose=True, batch_size=64, use_residual=True, depth=12)
elif config['model'] == 'pyramidal_cnn':
classifier = Classifier_PyramidalCNN(input_shape=config['cnn']['input_shape'], epochs=50)
elif config['model'] == 'eegnet':
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