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Commit 9e41be14 authored by Martyna Plomecka's avatar Martyna Plomecka
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Added the results

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"RandomForestClassifier(max_depth=5, min_samples_leaf=0.1, min_samples_split=0.1,
n_estimators=1000, n_jobs=-1, random_state=42)",0.6598846369794981,"{'max_depth': 5, 'min_samples_leaf': 0.1, 'min_samples_split': 0.1, 'n_estimators': 1000}"
(36223, 500, 129)
(36223, 1)
Fitting 2 folds for each of 160 candidates, totalling 320 fits
INFO:root:Started the Logging
INFO:root:X training loaded.
INFO:root:(129, 500, 36223)
INFO:root:y training loaded.
INFO:root:(1, 36223)
INFO:root:Setting the shapes
INFO:root:(36223, 500, 129)
INFO:root:(36223, 1)
INFO:root:Cross-validation RFC...
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 6324.672133684158 seconds ---
INFO:root:Finished Logging
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