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......@@ -5,15 +5,7 @@ Predicting eye gaze with DL
## Leonhard Settings
Please use the command
`module load gcc/6.3.0 python_gpu/3.8.5 hdf5/1.10.1`
before training the model. Please make sure that the Tensorflow version should be 2.x.
## model configuration
## Model Configuration
Please configure the file correctly before running the file:
config['data_dir'] : indicates the directory where you stored the data
......@@ -22,7 +14,36 @@ config['downsampled'] : True if you want to use 125 data points per second inste
config['split'] : True if you want to run a clustered version of the model, please keep it to False as the clustered version is inneficient
## deepEye3 tuning
## Parameter Tuning
Please find the files which are related to our model:
You can find the architechture of our models in these files. For `CNN`, `DeepEye`, `DeepEyeRNN`, `InceptionTime`, and `Xception`, you should tune the parameter by looking into the `` file and adjust the parameters (e.g. `self.nb_filter`) accordingly.
For `EEGNet` model, you should directly look into the `` file and tune the parameters accordingly.
## Running in the Cluster
For [ETH Leonhard]( users, you can follow these steps:
1. Please use the command `module load gcc/6.3.0 python_gpu/3.8.5 hdf5/1.10.1`before training the model.
2. Edit the data directory and run directory where you saved the datasets.
3. Use the following command to run the model: `bsub -n 10 -W 4:00 -o experiment_[your_model] -R "rusage[mem=5000, ngpus_excl_p=1]" python ../`
__Note:__ If you want to run the model locally, you should ensure to have Pytorch, Tensorflow==2.x installed.
## DeepEye3 Tuning (deprecated)
nb_filter: [32, 64]
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