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Commit 6b95b525 authored by Ard Kastrati's avatar Ard Kastrati
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parents d9c69565 dbc92646
Linear SVM,0.7054520358868185,1480.9644372463226
LinearSVC(tol=1e-3, C=100, random_state=42, max_iter=500)
INFO:root:Started the Logging
INFO:root:X training loaded.
INFO:root:(129, 500, 36223)
INFO:root:y training loaded.
INFO:root:(1, 36223)
INFO:root:Setting the shapes
INFO:root:(36223, 500, 129)
INFO:root:(36223, 1)
INFO:root:Training the simple classifiers: kNN, Linear SVM, Random Forest and Naive Bayes.
INFO:root:Linear SVM
INFO:root:--- Score: 0.7054520358868185
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 1480.9644372463226 for seconds ---
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 1700.2272758483887 seconds ---
INFO:root:Finished Logging
Sender: LSF System <lsfadmin@eu-g1-011-4>
Subject: Job 166874781: <python /cluster/home/mplomecka/dl-project/> in cluster <euler> Done
Job <python /cluster/home/mplomecka/dl-project/> was submitted from host <eu-login-16> by user <mplomecka> in cluster <euler> at Wed Mar 24 08:27:14 2021
Job was executed on host(s) <15*eu-g1-011-4>, in queue <bigmem.24h>, as user <mplomecka> in cluster <euler> at Wed Mar 24 08:27:51 2021
</cluster/home/mplomecka> was used as the home directory.
</cluster/home/mplomecka/dl-project> was used as the working directory.
Started at Wed Mar 24 08:27:51 2021
Terminated at Wed Mar 24 08:56:25 2021
Results reported at Wed Mar 24 08:56:25 2021
Your job looked like:
# LSBATCH: User input
python /cluster/home/mplomecka/dl-project/
Successfully completed.
Resource usage summary:
CPU time : 1704.64 sec.
Max Memory : 95444 MB
Average Memory : 85955.62 MB
Total Requested Memory : 120000.00 MB
Delta Memory : 24556.00 MB
Max Swap : -
Max Processes : 3
Max Threads : 4
Run time : 1714 sec.
Turnaround time : 1751 sec.
The output (if any) follows:
2021-03-24 08:27:52.622212: I tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/] Successfully opened dynamic library
(36223, 500, 129)
(36223, 1)
/cluster/apps/nss/gcc-6.3.0/python/3.8.5/x86_64/lib64/python3.8/site-packages/sklearn/svm/ ConvergenceWarning: Liblinear failed to converge, increase the number of iterations.
warnings.warn("Liblinear failed to converge, increase "
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