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Commit 433e6eec authored by Lukas Wolf's avatar Lukas Wolf
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changed default regularization

parent a373657b
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ class CNN(ConvNet):
The CNN is one of the simplest classifiers. It implements the class ConvNet, which is made of modules with a specific depth.
def __init__(self, input_shape, kernel_size=64, epochs = 50, nb_filters=16, verbose=True, batch_size=64,
use_residual=True, depth=12, regularization=0.01, model_number=0):
use_residual=True, depth=12, regularization=0, model_number=0):
self.regularization = regularization
self.nb_features = nb_filters # For CNN simply the number of filters inside the network
super().__init__(input_shape, kernel_size=kernel_size, epochs=epochs,
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