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Nearest Neighbors,0.5412008281573499,3658.430173397064
Linear SVM,0.7055900621118012,30067.27211046219
Random Forest,0.6946859903381642,1354.794748544693
Naive Bayes,0.5421670117322291,57.323140382766724
INFO:root:Started the Logging
INFO:root:X training loaded.
INFO:root:(129, 500, 36223)
INFO:root:y training loaded.
INFO:root:(1, 36223)
INFO:root:Setting the shapes
INFO:root:(36223, 500, 129)
INFO:root:(36223, 1)
INFO:root:Training the simple classifiers: kNN, Linear SVM, Random Forest and Naive Bayes.
INFO:root:Nearest Neighbors
INFO:root:--- Score: 0.5412008281573499
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 3658.430173397064 for seconds ---
INFO:root:Linear SVM
INFO:root:--- Score: 0.7055900621118012
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 30067.27211046219 for seconds ---
INFO:root:Random Forest
INFO:root:--- Score: 0.6946859903381642
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 1354.794748544693 for seconds ---
INFO:root:Naive Bayes
INFO:root:--- Score: 0.5421670117322291
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 57.323140382766724 for seconds ---
INFO:root:--- Runtime: 35383.67445778847 seconds ---
INFO:root:Finished Logging
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