Commit e02251ff authored by tchervec's avatar tchervec
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Merge branch '66-isfreight-attribute-only-assigned-to-freight-agents' into 'develop'

Resolve "isFreight attribute only assigned to freight agents"

See merge request ivt-vpl/populations/ch-zh-synpop!101
parents 9865b619 ba8b3152
- Add `isFreight` attribute to all agents in `population.xml`
- Update python requirements
- Updated statistical matching to most recent version
- Duplicate agents after IPU using Truncate-Replicate-Sample method
......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ class PersonWriter:
writer.add_attribute("statpopHouseholdId", "java.lang.Long", str(self.person[16]))
writer.add_attribute("mzPersonId", "java.lang.Long", str(self.person[17]))
writer.add_attribute("mzHeadId", "java.lang.Long", str(self.person[18]))
writer.add_attribute("isFreight", "java.lang.Boolean", writer.true_false(False))
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