Commit a3ac649a authored by tchervec's avatar tchervec
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cleanup statpop columns names after scaling

parent bbebb211
......@@ -96,6 +96,9 @@ def execute(context):
df_statpop = df_statpop.sort_values(by=["household_id", "person_id"])
df_statpop["person_id"] = np.arange(df_statpop.shape[0]) + 1
# remove unneeded columns
del df_statpop["household_size_class_projection"]
print("Number of households in household controls :", df_household_controls["weight"].sum())
print("Number of persons in population controls :", df_population_controls["weight"].sum())
print("Number of households after scaling :", len(df_statpop["household_id"].unique()))
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