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......@@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ To clean, simply delete the environment directory (here `myenv`).
After making sure that the cache directory for the output as well as the input directory has been set in the config.yml. The command `python3 -m synpp`will run the stage selected
# Options in the config file
1. input_downsampling: the sample size that will be used to create the population. For instance, having input_downsampling = 0.25 will create a 25% sample of the initial population
2. use_detailed_activities: if false, only the 6 baseline activities (home, work, education, shopping, leisure, others) will be used. If
true, more detailed activities can be used. As of now, only the shopping and leisure activities are treated. A next step will be to include more detailed "other" activities as well.
# Generating pipeline flowchart
To generate a json file which represents the graph of the pipeline, you need to specify the output path in the config file.
# General pipeline settings
working_directory: /nas/asallard/Switzerland/cache_schools
flowchart_path: /nas/asallard/Switzerland/output_schools/flowchart.json
dryrun: false
# Requested stages
# - data.statpop.persons
# - data.statpop.projections.households
# - data.statpop.scaled
# - population.matched
# - data.microcensus.households
# - population.destinations
# - synthesis.population.destinations
# - synthesis.population.spatial.secondary.locations
# - matsim.facilities
# - matsim.population
# - matsim.households
- analysis.analysis
# - population.output
# These are configuration options that we use in the pipeline
threads: 4
random_seed: 0
hot_deck_matching_runners: 2
disable_progress_bar: false
java_memory: 80G
input_downsampling: 0.25
enable_scaling: true
scaling_year: 2020
use_freight: true
use_detailed_activities: false
hafas_date: 01.10.2018
data_path: /nas/ivtmatsim/scenarios/switzerland/data
output_path: /nas/asallard/Switzerland/output_schools
analysis_path: /nas/asallard/Switzerland/analysis_schools
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