Commit 074ec98f authored by Bengt Giger's avatar Bengt Giger
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Merge branch 'conda-test' into 'main'

Conda local environment fix

See merge request !1
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......@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ RUN mamba install -c conda-forge \
jupyterlab-system-monitor jupyterlab-git \
uncertainties nbgrader pylatex biopython ete3 nbgitpuller
USER 1000
RUN echo 'export CONDA_ENVS_PATH=$HOME/.conda/envs' >> /etc/profile.d/ && echo 'if [ -f $HOME/.bashrc ]; then source $HOME/.bashrc; fi' >> /etc/profile.d/
RUN conda init bash && \
source $HOME/.bashrc
USER 1000
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