Commit 14ab76bd authored by Bengt Giger's avatar Bengt Giger

Installation as non root user improved

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......@@ -10,7 +10,14 @@ Install/update some tools with this playbook run:
sudo ansible-playbook -l localhost pb_controlhost.yml
Binaries will be installed in `/usr/local/bin`. Tools installed:
Binaries will be installed in `/usr/local/bin`, or set the directory with
ansible-playbook -e "k8s_install_basedir=$HOME/bin,k8s_tarball_cache=$HOME/.cache/k8s_tarball -l localhost pb_controlhost.yml
Tools installed:
- kubectl
- argocd CLI
k8s_install_basedir: /usr/local/bin
k8s_tarball_cache: /root/.k8s_tool_tarballs
k8s_tarball_cache: /tmp/.k8s_tool_tarballs
k8s_sealedsecrets_controller_name: sealed-secrets
k8s_sealedsecrets_controller_namespace: kube-system
- name: OS specific tasks
include_tasks: "{{ ansible_os_family | lower }}.yml"
when: ansible_user_id == "root"
- name: Install kubectl
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