1. 24 May, 2019 2 commits
  2. 23 May, 2019 3 commits
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      I modified the following classes: · 8f6df1df
      clivings authored
      I added the condition that in order for AV-PCUs to be used, the
      attribute "avOperation" must be "true"
      I added the condition that if avOperation is false, then pcu_car or
      pcu_truck will be used. "sharedAv" does not have this condition,
      becaused sharedAvs are not allowed on links that don't have autonomous
      I added PCU values for truck
      I added PCU values for truck_av
      I added PCU values for sharedAv, aka the taxis, which are the same as
      those for prav5
      added FREIGHT_TRUCK_ID
      gave "truck" and "truckAv" vehicles a maximum speed of 22.22m/s which is
      80km/h, since this is (apparently?) the maximum speed for these vehicles
      in Switzerland
      gave "truck" and "truckAv" vehicles the default capacities, which would
      need to be changed if we ever did detailed freight logistics stuff with
      labor costs and driving time etc.
      added "truck" and "truckAv" to allowedModes
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      Add reduced PT prices for >= 2050 · 18ff9f48
      Sebastian Hörl authored
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      Add av restrictions · d1d1ce95
      Sebastian Hörl authored
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