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......@@ -320,18 +320,19 @@ the input to subsequent simulations.
The same can be done for all Switzerland, but with private AVs activated. This
is done automatically using the script ``. It gets the same arguments
as the ``, but will create a different output folder called
as the `` plus another argument saying `A` or `B` for the respective ASTRA scenario.
An output folder called like `output/prav_2020A_10pct` will be created.
## 5. Cutting the partial scenarios
To cut the partial scenarios the script `` can be used. It receives
three arguments:
four arguments:
- Baseline prefix (`bl` or `prav`)
- Year
- Sample name (`10pct` / `25pct` / ...)
- ASTRA Scenario (`A` / `B`)
The first argument defines which "baseline output" is used for cutting the population.
This can either be the "true" baseline without any automation (derived from the
......@@ -340,13 +341,13 @@ order to cut the partial scenarios for 2020, one would probably base it on outpu
from `03`, while for the future scenarios it should be based on `04`, where AVs
are already available.
If, for instance `2050` and `10pct` is requested, the script will put new scenarios
If, for instance `2050`, `10pct` and `B` is requested, the script will put new scenarios
in the `scenarios/` folder. In this case it would be:
- `scenarios/lu_2050_10pct`
- `scenarios/lg_2050_10pct`
- `scenarios/sa_2050_10pct`
- `scenarios/lod_2050_10pct` (Long distance)
- `scenarios/lu_2050B_10pct`
- `scenarios/lg_2050B_10pct`
- `scenarios/sa_2050B_10pct`
- `scenarios/lod_2050B_10pct` (Long distance)
Those scenarios can the be usde later on. Again, the script automatically subtmits
the jobs to Euler and then all one needs to do is to wait for them to finish.
......@@ -366,6 +367,7 @@ script ``. The input arguments are the following:
- Year
- Sample name (`10pct`, `25pct`, ...)
- Sample value (`0.1`, `0.25`, ...)
- ASTRA Scenario (`A` / `B`vi)
- Taxi fleet size
- Pooled fleet size
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