Commit 799c45fa authored by Sebastian Hörl's avatar Sebastian Hörl
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disable scoring

parent 8e4b22a3
package ch.ethz.matsim.projects.astra_2018_002;
import org.matsim.core.controler.AbstractModule;
import org.matsim.core.controler.corelisteners.PlansScoring;
public class ASTRAModule extends AbstractModule {
public void install() {
bind(PlansScoring.class).toInstance(new PlansScoring() {
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ public class RunASTRA2018002 {
Controler controller = new Controler(scenario);
controller.addOverridingModule(new SwissRailRaptorModule());
controller.addOverridingModule(new BaselineTransitModule());
controller.addOverridingModule(new ASTRAModule());
UtilitySet utilitySet = Enum.valueOf(UtilitySet.class, cmd.getOptionStrict("model"));
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