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Commit 215b502a authored by Sebastian Hörl's avatar Sebastian Hörl
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Fix nan error

parent c6add9e0
......@@ -547,8 +547,11 @@ def plot_mean_distance_travel_time_and_speed_by_year(df, area, scenarios, modes,
for mode_index, mode in enumerate(modes):
values = df_scenario["%s:%s" % (slot, mode)].values / scaling
maximum = max(maximum, max(values))
minimum = min(minimum, min(values))
if not np.isnan(max(values)):
maximum = max(maximum, max(values))
if not np.isnan(min(values)):
minimum = min(minimum, min(values))
markersize = 5
if "av" in mode: markersize = 8
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