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Commit 6e73432c authored by Henrik Menne's avatar Henrik Menne
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test get digital output

parent 6b9f1b19
......@@ -228,10 +228,10 @@ def test_get_cal_current_source(started_dev_comm):
def test_get_digital_input(started_dev_comm_with_t4):
lj, com = started_dev_comm_with_t4
com.put_name("EIO0", 0.0)
assert lj.get_digital_input("EIO0") == 0
com.put_name("EIO0", 1.0)
assert lj.get_digital_input("EIO0") == 1
com.put_name("EIO0", LabJack.DIOStatus.LOW)
assert lj.get_digital_input("EIO0") == LabJack.DIOStatus.LOW
com.put_name("EIO0", LabJack.DIOStatus.HIGH)
assert lj.get_digital_input("EIO0") == LabJack.DIOStatus.HIGH
com.put_name("EIO0", 2.0)
with pytest.raises(LabJackIdentifierDIOError):
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