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test set digital output

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......@@ -248,8 +248,8 @@ def test_get_digital_input(started_dev_comm_with_t4):
def test_set_digital_output(started_dev_comm_with_t7pro):
lj, com = started_dev_comm_with_t7pro
lj.set_digital_output("FIO0", 1)
assert com.get_written() == ("FIO0", 1)
lj.set_digital_output("FIO0", LabJack.DIOStatus.HIGH)
assert com.get_written() == ("FIO0", LabJack.DIOStatus.HIGH)
with pytest.raises(LabJackIdentifierDIOError):
lj.set_digital_output("AIO0", 1)
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