• created conda environment
  • changed .scatter plotting (did not work anymore) to .plot_date

Old releases:

2019-06-02: version 2.0.0

  • implemented the new fluxnet files that replace the ghg-europe files in EddyPro 7
  • changed output folder to better match the folder naming convention: OUT_QC-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS

2019-03-04: version 1.04

  • signal strength / status byte / window dirtiness is now also recognized by the string "signal_strength"

2019-02-25: version 1.03

  • ignoring empty row for merged files is no longer necessary, pandas now outputs without that empty row

2019-02-25: version 1.02

  • date format of ghg-europe file is now in separate variable dateformat_ghg_europe_file

2019-02-24: version 1.01

  • now called version 1.01
  • changed output ID to different format, e.g. QC-20190224-1725
  • now_string is now called id_string
  • added id_string to output csv files


  • changed "mangle_dupe_cols" to "True" in line: GHG_units = pd.read_csv(GHG_found_file, skiprows=GHG_skiprows_units, nrows=1, mangle_dupe_cols=True)


  • rewrote the logic behind finding the correct AGC variable
  • added error message if no site or IRGA was selected


  • removed bug that wrote the wrong units in diurnal cycle plots


  • flag in ghg-europe file is not changed, raw data screening sets flagged values to -9999
  • SSITC flag in ghg-europe must not be changed for database upload, instead values that fail the raw data screening are set to -9999 (in accordance w/ database submission guidelines)

2015-08-24: update to version 0.2

  • added support for EddyPro 6 output files
  • removed H-flag, not necessary anymore, bug in EP was removed in version 6.0.0
  • the overall QC flag is not output in a separate column in the EP6 GHG-Europe output file


  • the flag for originally missing values is now left at -9999 instead of setting it to 2
  • from EddyPro 5.2 ghg-europe file contains "ISOdate" as date column, in addition missing dates are not filled anymore