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Refined MDS gap-filling and more.

MDS Update

  • ADDED: During MDS gap-filling, 2 additional plots are shown that give more info about the process.
  • CHANGED: The data basis for MDS gap-filling is now instanced data
  • IMPROVED: In the code, MDS variables are now accessed as instance variables. This will also be implemented for all other classes.
  • IMPROVED: Fonts sizes on different screen resolutions should work a bit better now, but still work to do.
  • IMPROVED: Colors in the MDS plots were adjusted to work better with the Light Theme.
  • IMPROVED: Drop-down lists now show more variables. How nice.
  • IMPROVED: MDS implementation was checked and refined, where needed.
  • TESTED: MDS gap-filling was tested with CH-OE2 flux and meteo data. It went well.
  • FIXED: 3 minor bugs