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  • Modifications > Subset: Method to select (and keep) only a subset of the current dataset.
  • Modifications > Set To Missing: Method to set selected variable to missing values, can be applied to the whole dataset.
  • Create Variable > Combine Columns: Allows to combine two columns by addition, subtraction and more.
  • EC > Off-season Uptake Correction: Option to correct EC fluxes for open-path IRGAs, following WE's approach (R script)


  • Export > Export Dataset: Option to export different timestamps; one row header can now be exported without units, with variable names only
  • Plot > Cumulative: Option to show multiple in same plot
  • Outlier Detection > Double Differenced: Better nighttime detection, repeat until no more outliers found, refinements
  • EC > Quality Control: Return flag details to main data. Since the overall quality flag (QCF) is the aggregate of multiple single flags, the results from each single flag are now returned to the dataset.
  • EC > Quality Control: Provide text info for values lost due to each quality check.


  • Slightly improved representation of custom (modified) variables with symbols.


  • Analyses: Implementation of first code for the seasonal trend decomposition using LOESS, also preparation to use it for outlier removal