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Quality Control, Histogram, Quantiles and more

This update includes v0.14.0 and v0.15.0


  • Plots > Histogram
  • Plots > Quantiles
  • EC QC > ECQualityControl: Powerful tool to create customized overall flags for EddyPro files. Contains the first dynamic plot in Amp in which you can drag and re-arrange elements.
  • Modifications > Rename Variables: Tool to rename variables in the dataset, bulk renaming already possible for adding suffix/prefix to variable names or variable units
  • Create Variable > Define Seasons


  • Plots > Heatmap: It is now possible to plot "flux stripes", which is useful especially for longer datasets spanning multiple years. This plots the daily average value for each DOY next to other years.
  • Gap-Filling > Random Forest: Option to run different models for "groups", e.g. different gap-filling models for daytime and nighttime data
  • Outlier Detection > Running: Added option to repeat outlier detection automatically until no more outliers are found
  • StatsBoxes show if seasons are defined
  • Dataset stats in StatsBoxes
  • Several new filetypes


  • Modifications > Convert Units: First simple version of a unit conversion tool, formerly known as Apply Gain
  • For ustar detection: refine code, nighttime detection, seasons, calculations
  • Now in top menu: Create Variable > Add New Event
  • Plots > Heatmap: Variable is now selected from list
  • Analyses > Class Finder: Now in top menu
  • Gap-Filling > Random Forest: Gap-filling is now done for all gaps for which all selected features are available, previously all features had to be available for all gaps. With this new approach the method now fills gaps "where possible".
  • Outlier Detection > Absolute Limits: Reworked and now in top menu
  • Outlier Detection > Running: Reworked and now in top menu
  • Outlier Detection > IQR: Reworked and now in top menu
  • Outlier Detection > Double Differenced Time Series: Reworked and now in top menu
  • Analyses > Gap Finder: Reworked and now in top menu
  • Create Variable > Time Since: Reworked and now in top menu
  • The former methods Add Prefix / Suffix and Rename Variable have been combined in Modifications > Rename Variables
  • Gap-filling > Lookup Table: Renamed from MDS, reworked and now in top menu


  • Re-arranged main page, with stats now at the bottom, to give the main plots more space
  • All buttons have been removed from the main area, they are now part of the methods in the top menu
  • GUI adjustments to work better with high dpi scaling
  • Some more colors


  • Major code adjustements to make my life easier in the future, more object-oriented, I assume it will now take longer to drive me crazy
  • Harmonized and centralized plot legend creation

DEACTIVATED (for now): All these features are already implemented but are de-activated in this version. Not enough time I had.

  • Analyses > ustar detection
  • Analyses > Before / After Event
  • Analyses > Net GHG Balance
  • Analyses > Running Linear Regression
  • Gap-filling > Running
  • Gap-filling > Simple Linear Interpolation
  • Gap-filling > Simple Linear Regression
  • Pipelines
  • Overview plots show seasons