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Correlation Matrix and Wind Sectors

  • NEW FEATURE: Correlation Matrix plot
  • NEW FEATURE: Wind sector plots, shows e.g. mean of CO2 flux from defined wind sectors.
  • NEW FEATURE: Cumulative plots now support multipanels.
  • NEW: Settings for options in top menu now open in a pop-up window, where necessary.
  • CHANGED: Several plotting options were moved to the top menu.
  • CHANGED: Option to cut off the dataset range was moved to the top menu.
  • CHANGED: Option to export variables to files was moved to the top menu and renamed to "Export Dataset".
  • CHANGED: Option to create an event was moved to the top menu.
  • CHANGED: Option to add a string prefix/suffix was moved to the top menu.
  • CHANGED: Modified variables are now added with the prefix ">" in the variable list (instead of the dot ".").
  • CHANGED: Tab names can now be displayed in 2 rows.
  • IMPROVED: Files that have more header columns than data columns can now be loaded into Amp. Header columns for the missing headers are now automatically generated with "missing" and a timestamp.
  • IMPROVED: Amp now remembers the last opened folder when a file was loaded.
  • IMPROVED: Top menu is now a class.
  • IMPROVED: Code for Ustar Threshold Plots (FLUXNET) now runs in tab/obj instances.
  • IMPROVED: Code for Hexbin plots now runs in tab/obj instances.
  • IMPROVED: Code how already existing tabs are checked, this check is now done versus a list e.g. ['Name1','Name2'] instead of a string such as 'Name1 Name2'.
  • IMPROVED: Reduced the number of settings required in .filetype files, it is now easier to specify and include new file types.
  • UPDATED: The conda environment was updated to include Matplotlib 3.1.2 (this version was needed for the correct display of the Correlation Matrix). Current conda env is AMPENV3.
  • ADDED: .filetype for FLUXNET FullSet files @30T resolution.
  • ADDED: .filetype for ReddyProc files @30T resolution.
  • ADDED: New icons for open in new tab and for open in new window.
  • FIXED: Some smaller bugs.