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features and fixes

Features and Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE: Cumulative Plots
  • NEW FEATURE: Option button to calculate "Days Since" variable
  • NEW FEATURE: Multiple tabs of the same type can be open at the same time
  • NEW FEATURE: Option button to rename columns, similar to the pre/suffix option
  • ADDED: Implement the option to export data as csv without unit row
  • ADDED: More heatmap plot options, colormaps can now be changed in the GUI
  • ADDED: Heatmap special button to export heatmap plots without axes to be used in blender as heightmap and texture
  • CHANGED: Default file extension for Amp csv files (2 header rows with variables and units) is now *.amp.csv
  • REMOVED: Export options for compressed files is now deactivated (for the moment)
  • IMPROVED CODE: each heatmap tab is now its own instance, running independently from other instances
  • IMPROVED CODE: Instead of returning many variables, the variables inside ModBoxes QualityControl, OutlierDetection, Export, Plots and GapFilling are now directly accessed as instance variables.
  • FIXED: running median control buttons: cannot add markers to time series