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Commit 4adbefb1 authored by Jonas Fankhauser's avatar Jonas Fankhauser
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Bug fix: Sigma was incorrectly defined. Now it dependes on speed of sound only, not wavenumber

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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ class BaseYosioka(BaseSphereFrequencyComposite):
# Dependencies
self._xlambda.is_computed_by(self.particle._rho_f, self.fluid._rho_f)
self._sigma.is_computed_by(self.particle._k_f, self.fluid._k_f)
self._sigma.is_computed_by(self.particle._c_f, self.fluid._c_f)
......@@ -329,12 +329,11 @@ class BaseYosioka(BaseSphereFrequencyComposite):
def _compute_sigma(self) -> float:
Compute sigma (ratio of k's)
Compute sigma (ratio of speed of sound)
:rtype: float
# TODO: Define in terms of wave speeds rather than wavenumbers
return self.k_s / self.k_f
return self.c_s / self.c_f
def _compute_xlambda(self) -> float:
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