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Commit 6730f9bc authored by Graham Norris's avatar Graham Norris

Added two-qubit gate references.

parent 594fd0fa
......@@ -741,6 +741,51 @@
timestamp = {2020-04-18},
author = {Abrams, Deanna M. and Didier, Nicolas and Johnson, Blake R. and da Silva, Marcus P. and Ryan, Colm A.},
journal = {arXiv:1912.04424},
title = {Implementation of the {XY} interaction family with calibration of a single pulse},
year = {2019},
date = {2019-12-09},
eprint = {1912.04424v1},
eprintclass = {quant-ph},
eprinttype = {arXiv},
file = {:indexed/Abrams2019.pdf:PDF},
groups = {Two-Qubit Gates},
owner = {Graham},
timestamp = {2020-04-18},
author = {Barends, R. and Quintana, C. M. and Petukhov, A. G. and Chen, Yu and Kafri, D. and Kechedzhi, K. and Collins, R. and Naaman, O. and Boixo, S. and Arute, F. and Arya, K. and Buell, D. and Burkett, B. and Chen, Z. and Chiaro, B. and Dunsworth, A. and Foxen, B. and Fowler, A. and Gidney, C. and Giustina, M. and Graff, R. and Huang, T. and Jeffrey, E. and Kelly, J. and Klimov, P. V. and Kostritsa, F. and Landhuis, D. and Lucero, E. and McEwen, M. and Megrant, A. and Mi, X. and Mutus, J. and Neeley, M. and Neill, C. and Ostby, E. and Roushan, P. and Sank, D. and Satzinger, K. J. and Vainsencher, A. and White, T. and Yao, J. and Yeh, P. and Zalcman, A. and Neven, H. and Smelyanskiy, V. N. and Martinis, John M.},
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file = {:indexed/Barends2019.pdf:PDF},
groups = {Two-Qubit Gates},
owner = {Graham},
timestamp = {2020-04-18},
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file = {:indexed/Naik2017.pdf:PDF},
groups = {Two-Qubit Gates},
owner = {Graham},
timestamp = {2020-04-19},
@Comment{jabref-meta: databaseType:bibtex;}
@Comment{jabref-meta: fileDirectory-Graham-BORON:C:\\Users\\Graham\\polybox\\papers\\quantum_chemistry\\;}
......@@ -753,5 +798,5 @@
2 StaticGroup:QuCompChem Error Mitigation\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
1 StaticGroup:Computational Chemistry\;2\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;(Classical) computational chemistry articles\;;
2 StaticGroup:CompChem Reviews\;0\;0\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
1 StaticGroup:Two-Qubit Gates\;2\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
1 StaticGroup:Two-Qubit Gates\;2\;0\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
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