Commit 153e1c34 authored by gartur's avatar gartur
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parent d0bd87a8
......@@ -12,6 +12,5 @@ LET right_to_object(data,dataid,dsid) = f"right_to_object/right_to_object.mfotl"
(info_on_consent(data,dataid,dsid) AND type="info_on_consent") OR
(right_to_object(data,dataid,dsid) AND type="right_to_object") OR
(delete(data,dataid,dsid) AND type = "delete") OR
(delete_processing(data,dataid,dsid) AND type = "delete") OR
(EXISTS d. delete_publish(data,dataid,dsid,d) AND type = "delete") OR
(delete_processing(data,dataid,dsid) AND type = "delete_processing") OR
(right_to_restriction_of_processing(data,dataid,dsid) AND type = "right_to_restriction_of_processing")
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