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try paraview files in Vbox

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\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ vol[] = BooleanUnion { Volume{1}; Delete; } { Volume{2}; Volume{3}; Volume{4}; V
Physical Point("fixpoint") = {1};
Mesh.MeshSizeMin = 0.02;
Mesh.MeshSizeMax = 0.05;
Mesh.MeshSizeMax = 0.2;
Mesh.SaveAll = 1;
Mesh.ElementOrder = 2;
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<VTKFile type="PUnstructuredGrid" version="0.1"
<PUnstructuredGrid GhostLevel="0">
<PDataArray type="Float64" NumberOfComponents="3" format="binary" />
<PDataArray type="UInt8" NumberOfComponents="3" Name="blocked_dofs" format="binary"></PDataArray>
<PDataArray type="Float64" NumberOfComponents="3" Name="displacement" format="binary"></PDataArray>
<PDataArray type="Float64" NumberOfComponents="3" Name="external_force" format="binary"></PDataArray>
<PDataArray type="Float64" NumberOfComponents="9" Name="strain" format="binary"></PDataArray>
<PDataArray type="Float64" NumberOfComponents="9" Name="stress" format="binary"></PDataArray>
<Piece Source="wall-VTU/wall_0000.vtu" />
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