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Adding another broken test data file

parent da198ab6
1234,31.01.2021 18:11:25,Astrasse,IN
4567,31.01.2021 18:11:25,Astrasse,IN
8910,31.01.2021 18:11:25,Astrasse,IN
D1213,31.01.2021 18:11,Astrasse,IN
1234,31.01.2021 18:12:25,Bstrasse,OUT
4567,31.01.2021 18:12:28,Bstrasse,OUT
8910,31.01.2021 18:12:25,Bstrasse,OUT
D12113,31.01.2021 18:31:25,Bstrasse,OUT
T123,31.01.2021 18:20:10,Astrasse,IN
T123,31.01.2021 18:35:03,Astrasse,OUT
TNE123,31.01.2021 18:25:03,Astrasse,IN
UNIQUE,31.01.2021 18:15:03,AStrasse,IN
ORG123,31.01.2021 18:03:08,Bstrasse,OUT
ORG123,31.01.2021 18:13:34,Bstrasse,Neither
OUT123,31.01.2021 18:28:54,Astrasse,OUT
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