Commit 77348359 authored by Silviu Nastasescu's avatar Silviu Nastasescu
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Added regularizer to prevent style ignorance

parent edd7be84
from tensorflow.keras import Model
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Layer, Dense, Reshape, Conv2D, Conv2DTranspose, MaxPool2D, BatchNormalization
from tensorflow_addons.layers import SpectralNormalization as SN
class MultiConv(Model):
......@@ -48,7 +49,7 @@ class StyleExtractionBlock(Layer):
super(StyleExtractionBlock, self).__init__(name='StyleExtractionBlock')
dims = output_shape[0]*output_shape[1]*output_shape[2]
self._denses = [Dense(dims//2**i, activation=activation) for i in range(1, layers)[::-1]]
self._output_layer = Dense(dims, activation='linear')
self._output_layer = SN(Dense(dims, activation='linear'))
self._reshape = Reshape(output_shape)
def call(self, x, training=False):
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