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Commit 427d0bea authored by Feliks Kiszkurno's avatar Feliks Kiszkurno
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bug fix in

parent da64d5d6
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ def create_data(test_name, test_config, max_depth, *, lambda_param=20, z_weight=
classes = slopestabilitytools.assign_class01(result_array, resistivity_map)
# classesn = slopestabilitytools.assign_classes(slopestabilitytools.normalize(input_model2_array))
classesn = slopestabilitytools.assign_classes(slopestabilitytools.normalize(result_array))
classesn = slopestabilitytools.assign_classes(slopestabilitytools.normalize(np.log10(result_array)))
# Create sensitivity values
jac = ert_manager.fop.jacobian() #
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