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Commit ec53ee16 authored by scmalte's avatar scmalte
Browse files added columns to CSV export

parent 371bf2d5
...@@ -115,16 +115,42 @@ def add_average_percentage_column(doc): ...@@ -115,16 +115,42 @@ def add_average_percentage_column(doc):
row.insert(2, td) row.insert(2, td)
def write_result_table_to_csv_file(doc, csv_file): def write_result_table_to_csv_file(doc, csv_file):
# E.g. 12-345-678 (77%)
text_pattern = r"([\d-]+) \((\d+)%\)"
with open(csv_file, "w") as csv_fh: with open(csv_file, "w") as csv_fh:
rows = doc.find_all("tr") rows = doc.find_all("tr")
column_heads = [th.get_text().strip() for th in rows[0].find_all("th")] # column_heads = [th.get_text().strip() for th in rows[0].find_all("th")]
column_heads = [
"Id-1", "Percentage-1",
"Id-2", "Percentage-2",
csv_fh.write(",".join(column_heads)) csv_fh.write(",".join(column_heads))
csv_fh.write("\n") csv_fh.write("\n")
for row in rows[1:]: for row in rows[1:]:
for td in row.find_all("td"): for td in row.find_all("td"):
col_data = [td.get_text().strip() for td in row.find_all("td")] tds = [td for td in row.find_all("td")]
tds_text = [td.get_text().strip() for td in tds]
file1_match =, tds_text[0])
file2_match =, tds_text[1])
col_data = [,,,,
csv_fh.write(",".join(col_data)) csv_fh.write(",".join(col_data))
csv_fh.write("\n") csv_fh.write("\n")
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