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Commit de0d7624 authored by scmalte's avatar scmalte
Browse files consolidating experiments

parent 376b6002
Sehr geehrte Studierende Sehr geehrte Studierende
Sie sind beim Kopieren der Bonusaufgabe erwischt worden. Das ist höchst unerfreulich — für Sie! Denn nun müssen wir Ihnen leider die Punkte wieder abziehen. Sie sind beim Kopieren der Bonusaufgabe erwischt worden. Das ist höchst unerfreulich — für Sie! Denn nun müssen wir Ihnen leider die Punkte wieder abziehen.
import logging import logging
import mailbox import mailbox
import email
from email.message import EmailMessage
from email.headerregistry import Address
# import quopri # import quopri
import os import os
import pathlib import pathlib
import glob import glob
import csv import csv
import datetime
from .utils import logging as logutils from .utils import logging as logutils
DEFAULT_CLUSTER_STUDENTS_CSV_FILE_GLOB="cluster-students-[0-9]*.csv" DEFAULT_CLUSTER_STUDENTS_CSV_FILE_GLOB="cluster-students-[0-9]*.csv"
DEFAULT_MAIL_BODY_FILE="./_static/cluster_mail.txt" DEFAULT_MAIL_BODY_FILE="./_static/cluster_mail.txt"
DEFAULT_SENDER="" DEFAULT_SENDER_ADDRESS = Address("Malte Schwerhoff", "malte.schwerhoff", "")
DEFAULT_SUBJECT="You've been caught!" DEFAULT_SUBJECT="You've been caught — gö höme!"
def main( def main(
cluster_files_dir=DEFAULT_CLUSTER_FILES_DIR, cluster_files_dir=DEFAULT_CLUSTER_FILES_DIR,
cluster_students_csv_file_glob=DEFAULT_CLUSTER_STUDENTS_CSV_FILE_GLOB, cluster_students_csv_file_glob=DEFAULT_CLUSTER_STUDENTS_CSV_FILE_GLOB,
mail_body_file=DEFAULT_MAIL_BODY_FILE, mail_body_file=DEFAULT_MAIL_BODY_FILE,
students_receive_mails_as_header=DEFAULT_STUDENTS_RECEIVE_MAILS_AS_HEADER, students_receive_mails_as_header=DEFAULT_STUDENTS_RECEIVE_MAILS_AS_HEADER,
logutils.configure_level_and_format() logutils.configure_level_and_format()
...@@ -42,7 +46,9 @@ def main( ...@@ -42,7 +46,9 @@ def main(
mbox_path.unlink(missing_ok=True) mbox_path.unlink(missing_ok=True)
mbox_msf_path.unlink(missing_ok=True) mbox_msf_path.unlink(missing_ok=True)
with open(mail_body_file) as body_fh:"Reading mail body from file {}".format(mail_body_file))"IMPORTANT: File encoding must be UTF-8!")
with open(mail_body_file, encoding="utf-8") as body_fh:
mail_body = mail_body =
mbox = mailbox.mbox(mbox_path) mbox = mailbox.mbox(mbox_path)
...@@ -56,23 +62,25 @@ def main( ...@@ -56,23 +62,25 @@ def main(
with open(students_per_cluster_csv, newline='') as csv_fh: with open(students_per_cluster_csv, newline='') as csv_fh:
cluster_csv = list(csv.DictReader(csv_fh)) cluster_csv = list(csv.DictReader(csv_fh))
recipients = ", ".join([row["Email"] for row in cluster_csv]) recipients = [Address(addr_spec=row["Email"]) for row in cluster_csv]"Creating mail to {}".format(recipients))
msg = mailbox.mboxMessage() # test_addresses = [""]
# msg.set_unixfrom("author Sat Feb 7 01:05:34 2009") # recipients = [Address(addr_spec=addr) for adrr in test_addresses]
msg["From"] = sender
logging.debug("Creating mail to {}".format(", ".join([str(r) for r in recipients])))
msg = EmailMessage()
msg["From"] = sender_address
msg["To"] = recipients
msg["Subject"] = subject msg["Subject"] = subject
msg[students_receive_mails_as_header] = recipients msg['Date'] = email.utils.localtime()
# msg["Content-Transfer-Encoding"] = "quoted-printable" msg.set_content(mail_body)
msg["Content-Type"] = "text/plain; charset=utf-8"
msg["Content-Transfer-Encoding"] = "quoted-printable"
msg["Content-Disposition"] = "inline"
msg["MIME-Version"] = "1.0"
mbox.add(msg) mbox.add(msg)
mbox.flush() mbox.flush()
finally: finally:
mbox.unlock() mbox.unlock()
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