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#!/usr/bin/env python
import mosspy
print("Keepin' it phonky!")
userid = 3795777 # Malte's MOSS ID
language="cc" # C++
ignoreLimit = 200 # Lines occurring more often are ignored (-m for Moss' Perl script)
numberOfMatchingFiles = 10 # Number of matching files shown in result (-n)
moss = mosspy.Moss(userid, language)
## Configure
## Add template file(s)
# Add submission file
url = moss.send() # Submission Report URL
print("Report Url: " + url)
# Save report file
moss.saveWebPage(url, "moss-report.html")
# Download whole report locally including code diff links
mosspy.download_report(url, "_moss-report/", connections=8)
# TODO: Transform moss-report.html and replace remote links to match<n>.html
# with local ones to _moss-report/match<n>.html.
# Check that Mossum still correctly works on the transformed file!
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