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...@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ asreml-R functions: ...@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ asreml-R functions:
Based on manuscript: Based on manuscript:
Roth et al. 2021b - Phenomics data processing: Phenomics data processing: Extracting temperature dose-response curves from repeated measurements Roth, L., Rodríguez-Álvarez, M. X., van Eeuwijk, F., Piepho, H.-P. & Hund, A. Phenomics data processing: A plot-level model for repeated measurements to extract the timing of key stages and quantities at defined time points. F. Crop. Res. 274, (2021).
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## Dose-Respone curve extraction ## Dose-Respone curve extraction
```R/Model/Dose_response.R``` ```R/Model/Dose_response.R```
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