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© Lukas Roth, Group of crop science, ETH Zurich, Part of: [Phenofly UAS data processing tools](../
# Image mask generation (Ray tracing to DTM, depreciated)
# Image mask generation (Ray tracing to DTM, deprecated)
Sample scripts to project images on a digital terrain model (DTM), followed by plot-based sample extraction.
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License: GPL-2
## Background
## Content
The *PhenoFly data processing tool* repository hosts Python code related to **high-throughput field phenotyping** with unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
Methods are based on viewing geometries [1] and **multi-view images** [2].
......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ After these steps, one of the following methods can be used to extract phenotypi
- [Early growth trait extraction](EarlyGrowthTraitExtraction/
### Depreciated content
##Deprecated content
- [Image mask generation (Ray tracing to DTM, depreciated)](ImageProjectionRayTracing/
- [Image mask generation (Ray tracing to DTM, deprecated)](ImageProjectionRayTracing/
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